Custom Cut Stainless Steel Lettering

Custom Cut Stainless Steel Lettering

  • Great for the office door or your desk
  • Promotional items
  • Buliding or home numbers or names
  • Permanent labels
  • Gifts

Grade Guide

  • 430 – Good (Appliances, kick plates, automotive trim etc.)
  • 304 – Better (Household and industrial applications – screws, machinery parts, food-handling equipment etc.)
  • 316 – Best (More corrosion-resistant than other common stainless steels – marine & pharmaceutical applications etc.)

Detailed Stainless Steel Information

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Grade * 

See grade guide below if unsure

Material Thickness * 

430 grade is only available between 0.7mm and 1.5mm

Surface Finish * 

Product Description

What is the shape, dimensions and application.

Font Style

Spacing Between Letters in Millimeters

Size of Letters

Width and height in millimeters

File Upload

Upload your drawings, dimensions or any other information here. Preferably DXF and PDF file format

(max file size 64 MB)

Do you require polishing and cleaning * 


Anything else we need to know?


We can quote on your project requirements and then fabricate the product based on your specifications.


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